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Recognizing Open Research Practices in Our Hiring Policy

In December 2015, the Department Psychology of the LMU Munich added a paragraph to a professorship announcement which emphasized the department's commitment to responsible research and asked applicants to write a short statement about their open science practices:

"Our department embraces the values of open science and strives for replicable and reproducible research. For this goal we support transparent research with open data, open materials, and study pre-registration. Candidates are asked to describe in what way they already pursued and plan to pursue these goals."

Since then, all further professorship job advertisements of our department had this requirement.

In May 2018, the department's steering committee unanimously voted for an explicit policy to always include this (or a similar) statement to all future professorship job advertisements. It is the task of the appointment committee to value the existing open science activities as well as future commitments of applicants appropriately. By including this statement, our department aims to communicate core values of good scientific practice and to attract excellent researchers who aim for transparent and credible research.