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Open Science Workshops and Material - Lehrstuhl für Psychologische Methodenlehre und Diagnostik - LMU Mü

All material of our workshops can be found on our OSF project. This project also contains templates for consent forms (data privacy etc).




  • 29.11.2016, 16:00-18:00: Preregistration Workshop (Felix Schönbrodt, Anne Scheel & Clemens Stachl)
  • 26.10.2016, 16:00-18:00: Björn Brembs (Universität Regensburg): Our Digital Stoneage: Why canceling subscriptions may just yet save scholarship
  • 29.6.2016, 16:00 (st.) - 18:00: Felix Schönbrodt & Stella Bollmann: Advanced Power Analysis (limited places; felix.schoenbrodt@psy.lmu.de)
  • 10.3.2016 & 11.3.2016, 11:00 - 17:00: Felix Schönbrodt (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München): Do's and Don'ts of data analysis: Lessons from the replication crisis (organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, DGPs)
  • 29.2.2016, 16:00 (st.) - 18:00: Alex Etz (University of Amsterdam): How replicable is psychological research? A Bayesian reanalysis of the Reproducibility Project : Psychology
  • 19.1.2016, 16:00 (st.) - 18:15: Felix Schönbrodt: An introduction to Bayes factors and sequential testing (limited places; felix.schoenbrodt@psy.lmu.de)


  • Dec 2015: Felix Schönbrodt, Johannes Albert-von der Gönna, Moritz Heene: How to detect publication bias and p-hacking: An introduction to p-curve, R-Index, and meta-regression.
  • Nov 26 2015 (TBA): Etienne LeBel: Introducing Curate Science (curatescience.org)
  • Nov 5, 2015: Daniel Lakens (TU Eindhoven): Differentiating among possible truths: A workshop on pragmatic statistics and transparent research practices
  • Sep 30, 2015: Jonathon Love (Amsterdam): JASP - A Fresh Way to Do Statistics (14-16, room 3322)

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