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PhD/Dissertation agreement

On July 22 2019, the Department Psychology decided to require a dissertation agreement between PhD students and their primary supervisor.

The department provides a template for the agreement, which needs to be adapted from each supervisor/supervisee tandem. The agreement consists of two parts:

1. The agreement itself, which is supposed to be filled out and signed by both the primary supervisor and the PhD student at the start of the dissertation. One part of the agreement is to talk about the planned open science practices in the dissertation project: Will hypotheses and analysis plans be preregistered? Is it planned to provide the raw data as open data? etc. Other parts of the agreement include a sketch of milestones (which can be adapted along the way), and rights and duties of both supervisor and PhD student.

2. A disclosure form that, at the end of the dissertation, is supposed to be handed in along with the final dissertation. This disclosure form asks which open science practices have been done, separately for each study of the dissertation. If, for example, open data is provided, a link should be provided. If not, it is (optionally) possible to provide a justification why not.

Starting from winter term 2019/2020, all new dissertations are supposed to have such an agreement.