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Open Science Workshops and Material - Lehrstuhl für Psychologische Methodenlehre und Diagnostik - LMU Mü

The OSIP currently organizes three types of activities, which are open to all members of our department, ranging from students to postdocs to professors!

During the COVID-pandemic, all upcoming events will be held virtually!

Quarterly OSIP Meetings

A quarterly meeting for organizational matters concerning Open Science at our department. We discuss, for example, new steps for the implementation of Open Science practices, or which topics would be interesting for upcoming workshops. This meeting is open to all members of the OSIP and to anyone interested in joining us. We explicitly encourage students to participate because all perspectives matter to us! Date and time for these meetings are announced via our mailing list, so feel free to sign up here .

Monthly ReproJUICEbility

The student members of the OSIP organize a monthly ReproJUICEbility - an open talk session for discussing Open Science related issues. The topics range from meta contemplations about transparency to practical considerations for implementing Open Science. In every session, a selected guest from LMU or an external institution gives a short introduction and moderates the discussion. This forum serves as the ideal opportunity to ask questions or report on your own experiences. The ReproJUICEbility is explicitly open to all disciplines and institutions to create the most interesting discussions. The date and time for the upcoming sessions will soon be announced here and via our mailing list.

Talks & Workshops

The OSIP regularly offers expert talks and workshops on Open Science related topics that are addressed at researchers on all career levels spanning students to postdocs to professors. Time and date for upcoming workshops will be announced here and via our mailing list . Below, you can also find a list of our past workshops including the open materials provided in our OSF project

If you are interested in learning about a specific Open Science topic or want to give a talk/workshop yourself, feel free to contact us under osip@psy.lmu.de.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Reproducible Workflows - Summer 2021 (details tba)

Past Workshops (incl. links to open materials)